Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween Happenings

We had a wonderful Halloween Holiday this year. Last year, there was a shortage of pumpkins for sale, so we ended up having to carve gourds. This year we planted our own pumpkins and ended up with more than enough to carve. The kids enjoy carving pumpkins, but they do not enjoy cleaning them out. EEW.....Sticky Icky

As you can see, the Jack-O-lanterns turned out great.
The kids all picked out and helped make their own costumes. Sarah was a snow princess, Caleb was Harry potter, and Eliza was Superman
Five Princesses
Two Harry Potters

And the one and only Super-man-girl!

We hosted our Annual chili cook-off and Trick-or-treat hayride. We ended up with over 80 guests from our ward and neighborhood. We had a blast and the kids got tons of yummy candy.

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