Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quist Family Campout!

The whole Gang!! Thanks for the picture Suzi!

On July 22nd we drove up to Greens Peak for a family reunion. My Parents and all of my siblings (except Angela who is serving a mission) were there. When we arrived, we weren't too sure we wanted to stay. Right after we started setting up camp it started pouring rain!!! It rained hard for over an hour. But once we finally got everyone's camps set up and a fire started the rain let up and we were able to enjoy some nice weather. The trio had SO much fun with all of their cousins. They played 'Kick the Can' for hours every day and never got bored. We went on Buggy rides, made a zip-line, went on a hike, played games, visited around the campfire and made so many wonderful memories.

Kick the Can!

This Guy wandered into our camp just as we were getting ready to leave!

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