Sunday, November 13, 2016

Road Trippin' Day 19

Our Destination for the day was historic Martin's Cove.  The visitors center had exhibits and records that told of the tragic events that the handcart pioneers endured on their way to the Salt Lake Valley over 150 years ago.
We were able to hike with a handcart to Devils gate. Again, we were experiencing record heat, quite a difference from the weather the handcart companies experienced while they were there. The discomfort we felt from heat reminded us that like the pioneers, we can do hard things. As we hiked along the trail next to the sweet water Creek, I thought it would be horrible to cross paths with a rattle snake. Then, when we were just about at the waters edge near Devil's Gate, a snake slithered thru the grass right in front of me! It wasn't a rattle snake, but It scared me enough to keep me from going any further.  Adam, Eliza and Caleb went on closer to the Devils gate while Sarah and I hung . back for a bit. It was a beautiful area. 

We hiked back to the visitors center and enjoyed the rest of our stay in wonderful air conditioned rooms. Following our visit to Martin's cove, we had originally planned to go to Yellowstone park for a couple of days. Unfortunately, a wildfire had the road closed to the park from the south entrance and the West entrance was taking people hours to get through. So, we decided to skip Yellowstone this trip and we headed south to Salt lake.

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