Sunday, November 13, 2016

Road Trippin' Day 20

After spending the night in Ogden Utah, we awoke on Friday July 22nd excited to tour temple square in Salt lake.  Our first stop of the day was the conference center. We couldn't wait to let our kids take a tour and see were general conference was held. We were SO bummed when we learned that the conference center was closed in preparation for "an event".  We walked around the Temple for a bit admiring it's beauty then, decided we'd go to the Tabernacle and see if we could find out if  the choir was having any open preformences or rehearsals we could watch. Again, we were disappointed when we learned that the choir was preparing for "an event" and visitors were not allowed to observe.  Then, it dawned on us. We're in Salt Lake on  the weekend of Pioneer day!  We also found out that tickets for "the event" are snatched up weeks in advance and that it was unlikely that we'd get tickets. We were told that if we got in the standby line at 6:00 pm, we might be able to get in to the conference center for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Day concert featuring the King's singers. We spent the rest of the day touring the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, the Temple Square Visitors Center, the Tabernacle, the Lion house and we rode the elevator to the top of the Church office Building.

 We went back to our Hotel to rest for a bit, then made the decision to take our chances in the standby line for "the Event"! By the time we got back to Temple Square, found a parking spot, and got into the standby line it was well past 6:00. We had no sooner gotten in line, when we were handed five tickets for the concert! The tickets were for great seats on the lower level and were so close to the front. The concert was wonderful and the kids and the kids were amazed by the conference center and it was their first time hearing the Tabernacle Choir in a live performance. I am so grateful that our family recieved that tender mercy that night. We all felt so incredibly blessed.

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