Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gettin' Kicks on Route 66

Last Thursday when the kids got home from school, we decided to go to the County fair. The County fair is so different from the State fair. It's much smaller and the place isn't crawling with creepy red necks, there were just regular red necks... like us. The fair was located just off of Route 66 in Holbrook AZ. Our entire family got in for just $4.00. The kids enjoyed seeing all of the farm animals. We said hi to our friend's (the kids baby sitter's) Pig. Congrats on the blue ribbon Jessica. Gotta love the FFA! We had fun on a free train ride, Saw some great exhibits, looked at some cool John Deere tractors, and we ate some yummy food. The kids all got free balloons from the Wacky Balloon Lady. Eliza wanted an alien w/a blue space gun. Sarah wanted fairy wings, and Caleb asked the lady to surprise him. She made him a giant Balloon-a-saurus w/lots of teeth.

We were all having a really great time, but unfortunately it got really cold and started to rain. so we had to say goodbye to the fair. :(
We were planning on an entire day of fun so on whim, we decided to take a drive on route 66. While driving we saw the inspiration for the "Cozy Cone" in the movie Cars. It even had Mater all spiffied up. We saw Flow too, along with several other classic cars.
We drove for a little over an hour to a place called Meteor Crater the kids were amazed to hear that a meteor fell from the sky thousands of years ago, and left a big hole in the ground. The visitors center there is really neat and had lots of interactive things for the kids to see and do. It was definitely worth the drive. We took a picture of a piece of the Meteor. It weighs 1200 lbs. Eliza couldn't believe he was touching something that came from outer space. Awesome!

On our way home we figured the storm had probably blown over Holbrook, and since we still had on our wrist bands (tickets in to the fair), we thought we'd go back and ride the Ferris wheel and watch the crash derby.

We all had a wonderful day and made memories that will last forever.


  1. How fun! We also went to a fair the other day. It was huge and crowded! But Evelyn enjoyed the animals. Hey, I didn't know that Route 66 was in AZ! Ha. I have another reason why we should move back to AZ. :) just joking. Tell Sarah, Eliza and Caleb that I said Hi. We are excited to see you all in November. Woohoo!

  2. What a fun day! It sounded like a perfect day. I would love to see the crater some time. Route 66 looked cool. And a small fair sounds so inviting. Not like the scary one in Phx. We're hoping that we can come up sometime during the snowy season! Do we need to get penciled in on your calendar?

  3. what a fun day for you and the fam. we need to check out a county fair. my kids have never been to the state fair yet. it is so expensive and creepy people. anyhow! loved the cozy cones. my blakey boy would LOVe to see mater. fun times :)