Monday, September 7, 2009

Sweet Corn Festival.

Adam and I often joke, that in Taylor there is a festival for Everything! I guess, in small towns you have to make your own fun. The festival was really great, but being the dork that I sometimes am, I forgot to take my camera along. Sigh. So Now I'll have to try to describe the fun for you since you can't see it.
The Andersons came up to enjoy the festivities with us. The weather was so beautiful. Overcast and cool. The Day started off with a parade. It was pretty hokey but the kids really liked it. They especially liked all the candy they got. After the parade we went to the little carnival that was held at the rodeo grounds. The kids all wanted to try the Inflatable obstacle course. They called it the "Wipe out Zone". They loved it, and they kept running through it until it was time for the "Horseless Rodeo". At the "Rodeo" the kids participated in foot races, and the Gurr's and the Andersons placed first and second in every race they participated in. (I know, I know "Beware of Pride.") They also ran stick pony races, had a tug-o-war contest and chased chickens. Before the chicken chase, I told our kids that I'd pay five dollars to whoever caught a chicken for me. We we're so excited when the kids said Graeden caught one, until he came walking over with it. It was seriously the saddest and ugliest chicken I have ever seen. It was almost completely featherless. I don't know if it was from the stress of the chase, or if the kids did it, or if the chicken was donated that way, but yikes. (shudder) Right after the chicken chase ended, It started pouring rain. We all ran to Heather's van and headed back home. The whole way home Graeden was holding his Chicken wrapped up in a towel. He was being so sweet to it. It was like he didn't see anything wrong with it. He named it jewelry. ( because it was such a gem?!!). We were concerned that our other hens would continue to peck at it, and Graeden was concerned that the other hens would make fun of it, so we put it in with our pig. (The pig has been lonely anyway. We took the other pig to the butcher already.) Jewelry seems to be doing O.K. in there. I just hope her feathers grow in soon or she'll freeze this winter. We may end up putting her out of her misery, and on to our dinner table. We'd have to find another Black chicken first, and name her Jewelry. (wink,wink.) "Wow look at how great jewelry looks Greaden!"
Saturday afternoon we made and bottled a ton of salsa. It was a big job, but with the Andersons here to help, the job was actually really fun. It seems like we ate as much as we bottled. I don't think I'll be in the mood for chips and salsa for a while.


  1. sounds like fun!! I love how he named his chicken "jewelry" haha!!

  2. Sounds so fun! I am jealous! We'll have to take dibs on the next festival!

  3. So fun! I love the name "jewelry." Hopefully she grows some feather soon!