Thursday, October 22, 2009

And So it Begins......

Our family has just reached a major milestone!
Eliza has lost her first tooth! Eliza is technically our "first born", so it's only appropriate that she be the first one to loose a tooth. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. I'm sure that from here on out we'll be loosing teeth on a weekly if not daily basis around here. I don't know how the Tooth Fairy will manage to keep up, especially in these hard economic times.;) It's always bitter sweet when we reach these milestones in the kid's lives. It seems like just yesterday that we were waiting for those "little" teeth to come in. Now they will be replaced with "big" teeth that won't quite look like they belong in their sweet little smiles.... Sigh.. I know I'm probably being a bit melodramatic here, just humor me O.K.. These moments seem to come and go so quickly around here, so I'll celebrate (and morn) each of these moments while I can.
You're beautiful Eliza! Keep smiling.

My grandma and grandpa Burk were here visiting just before Eliza's tooth came out. Eliza granted them the "privilege" of wiggling her tooth. My Grandpa told her that if she didn't put her tongue in the "hole" when her tooth fell out, a gold one would grow in it's place. My grandpa told me the same thing when I was younger. I tried and tried not to put my tongue in the "hole", but eventually I always did. It looks like Eliza just couldn't resist either!

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  1. too cute ruth! i remember those days when my girls first started to lose their teeth. it is a bittersweet time. blake will be there in a couple years. hmmmmm! so what did the tooth fairy bring Eliza? ;)