Monday, October 5, 2009


Friday was Snowflake High's Homecoming football game. In this small town, this game is just about the biggest event of the year. Adam and I decided to jump on the band wagon and go to the game. The stands were packed, but we found some good seats and settled in to watch the game.
The Snowflake Lobo's were matched up against the Payson Longhorns. We had such a great time cheering for our team. The cheerleaders were constantly throwing T-shirts and little footballs into the crowd. Whenever one of the teenagers sitting close by caught a ball they would give it to one of our kids. It was so sweet. (I take back all my comments about teenagers annoying me.)

Final score = Lobos 32, Longhorns 0 ! Great Job Team! We'll be back to see you win again next year! GO LOBOS !!!

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  1. What fun! Your past two posts look like a kid's dream. Every blog you post makes me want to sell my house and move up there! If only, right? Keep the posts coming. It's fun to see what the country Gurrs are up to!