Saturday, October 17, 2009

That's My Boy !

Yesterday evening, Caleb and I had the following conversation:

" Mom, can you please read a story with me?"
" Oh Caleb, I wish I could but I just have too much to do right now."
" Well what do you have to do?"
" When I'm done sweeping, I need to vacuum the living room rug. When I'm done with that, I've got to do some laundry, and then I need to clean the bathroom before your cousins come."
" Wow Mom, you sure do have a lot of chores!"

The conversation ended and I went back to sweeping. When I was done I went into the living room to Vacuum. Someone had picked up and moved everything off of the rug (including the coffee table). So vacuuming took no time at all. When I went to take care of the laundry, the clothes that were in the dryer had been put in a basket and the clean clothes in the washing machine had been put into the dryer. I folded the clothes and went to put the towels away in the bathroom. I found Caleb in there cleaning the Toilet! It didn't matter to me that I'd have to do it myself when he wasn't looking. What did matter was that My boy helped me in every way that he could. Of course the rest of the chores were forgotten and we sat down to read that book together. What else can I say? That's my boy!


  1. That is sooo awesome! I got all choked up, Caleb you are the best! I love it when kids do the right thing. Miss you guys.

  2. You have a sweet sweet boy! I bet he'll be a really good husband to his future wife!

  3. Rachel will be a lucky wife! Wink, wink! What an awesome kid! How do you feel about cloning?