Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Few Things

My latest Venture.
Or maybe that should say my latest Ad-venture. It all started a couple of weeks ago when I was browsing the racks of one of my favorite thrift shops( I am a thrift shop junkie). I saw this beautiful vintage (my guess is 50's) dress, in MINT condition. I loved it, but alas, I knew it would never fit me, so I left it there hanging.
A few days later, I discovered EBAY.....lets just say I've learned my lesson. (just because you can bid on things really cheap doesn't mean you should bid on a whole bunch of things really cheap...You just might win it all. It's not fun explaining to your husband why there's $60.00 worth of withdrawals in $3.00-$6.00 increments.) O.K. I know this is all a little random at this point but hang in there...
SO, I'm telling my Sis.-in-law Heather what a dork I am with the whole EBAY thing, and say " You know, I saw this really great dress at the thrift shop." and off handily said "I wonder what I could get for it on EBAY?" She asked me if they have a lot of vintage stuff at the thrift shop and I told her they did. She told me I should open a shop on Etsy. Heather makes these amazing hair accessories and sells them all day long on etsy. (check out her shop I thought you could only sell handmade stuff on etsy, but she told me You can sell vintage stuff there too. Anyway long story short..o.k. its still long, but I now have a shop on Etsy. I went back to the thrift store and the dress was still there!!! I cost me a whopping $10.00! SCORE!! I haven't listed the dress yet, I'm waiting to find someone who'll fit it so I can get some great pics. but I've found a bunch of other treasures to sell and I've already sold a few things. I've been having so much fun with this. Yay me! check out my shop at

Next Item:
Quist family Father and Son Backpacking Trip.
I don't have any pics. to post of this the Boys adventure, because the last time Adam went backpacking, he lost our camera. So, the camera stayed home this time.
Adam and Caleb had a great time this weekend with Grandpa Quist, Uncles: Michael, Paul, Nathan, Ben, and Russ, and with Caleb's cousins Robert and Daniel.
They hiked to a place called Rogers trough. They saw some cliff dwellings, and hieroglyphics there. Grandpa Quist gave a great devotional, and Caleb was given his very own little book of Mormon (perfect size to take backpacking.) He loves it. Thanks Grandpa. Adam said they had a great time and that Caleb is such a good little hiker.

Last but not least:
Bicycles and Answered Prayers.
Sarah has been wanting a new bike for a while. I said "wanting" not needing. Her bike is perfectly fine and usable. The problem is, Caleb and Eliza both have 20" bikes. Sarah's bike is only 16". Eliza got a new (used) bike for her birthday , and Caleb got a new bike from Santa on Christmas. Like I said, Sarah's bike is just fine so we didn't see the need to get her a new one when the other kids got theirs. But, I have noticed lately that Sarah has a harder time keeping up with Caleb and Eliza. Because her bike is smaller, she has to peddle twice as fast just to go the same speed they are going. She gets tired more quickly and feels left out of the fun sometimes. I told her I'd keep my eyes open for a good used bike, but I'm not going to go out and buy her a new bike when it's not even her B-day, or Christmas.
Last week, I saw a flier for a community yard sale on Saturday put on by the High school booster club. I made the mistake of telling Sarah that we might be able to find her a bike there. Later, when it was Sarah's turn to pray, she said "...and bless my new bike, that we can buy it." and then while blessing the food the next day "...please bless me to find my pretty bike" Sigh..... it was becoming a reoccurring theme. Every time she prayed, she'd mention something about "her" bike. I tried to tell her that sometimes when we don't really NEED something we may not get it... Even when we pray for it. But her faith was unwavering and she continued to pray, believing that she would get "her" bike. So, Saturday arrives and we're up bright and early to go to the yard sale. We get there and there are NO bikes! Not one. We hit every garage sale in town that morning and no one is selling bikes.
As we're driving around, I'm trying to figure out how to explain to Sarah About answers to prayers, how they're not always answered the way we'd like, or when we'd like. I can see her in the rear view mirror diligently looking for more yard sale signs, still hopeful that she'd find "her" bike, but there were no more sales, it was time to go home.
We were home for a couple hours, and just as I was about to sit down with Sarah and have that talk about prayers, we get a call from a brother in the ward. The conversation went something like this. "Hi Sister Gurr, could you guys use a girls
20" bike? Our daughter just got a bigger bike but her old one is still real nice. We'd like to give it to you if you want it."
" Uh, did you just say a girls 20" bike....We'll be right over."
And that is the story of Sarah's new (used) bike and answered prayers.


  1. Wow, I think your story went right along with our relief society lesson that we had today on praying, a lesson that i needed to hear, and this story just makes me feel so happy to hear. Also, the vintage dress is adorable!!!!!

  2. That is the sweetest story about the bike! Thanks for sharing

  3. I loved the bike story! what sweet faith your daughter has! Love those vintage dresses! good luck with your etsy shop! :) I was thinking about opening a shop for my scripture totes :)

  4. Awesome post! Sarah has taught us all a lesson on faith and prayers. I really needed that! Thanks for sharing! Be sure to tell Sarah what a good example she is! Great dresses. Good luck with your new venture!

  5. Someday when I am back in Primary, I want to share that story with my class...and with my children too as they get older. That's actually a great FHE lesson right there. Love you guys!
    Bytheway, I want to talk to you about your business sometime. I have some awesome ideas you could do. I'll try calling you on Sunday.