Sunday, April 25, 2010

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

To those of you who are familiar with Laura Numeroff's book "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" or any of her other "If you Give...." childrens books, you'll understand this post.
If you are not familliar with those books...Go, read one to your kids, then come back and read this post.

I Love Laura Numeroffs books because they always remind me of myself. So, I've decided to describe my day yesterday in true "If you give a Mouse a Cookie" style.

If you give Ruth the task to wash the dishes,
she's going to want to clean the entire kitchen.
While she's cleaning the kitchen, she's going to start clearing the counters.
while clearing the counters, she'll notice some bannanas that are too ripe.
Seeing the ripe bannanas will make her want to make some bannana bread.
She'll start gathering the ingredients for the bannana bread, and while she's gathering, she'll realize that she is almost out of wheat flour.
She'll need to grind some.
While the wheat is grinding in the mud room, she'll look around and see that the mudroom needs to be organized.
She'll start organizing, and she might get carried away and start sorting the kids winter gear.
While sorting the winter gear, she'll notice that some of the coats and jackets are too small for her children, and decide to get rid of them.
She'll have to make a donation pile, and want a bag to put it in.
She'll need to get one from the kitchen.
When she goes into the kitchen to get a bag,
she'll see that the kitchen needs to be cleaned.
And chances are if she starts cleanning the kitchen,
She's going to want to wash the dishes.


  1. Ha! Awesome post, Ruth! You and I are alike in that way. I start one thing and see something else to work on. Sometimes I don't even finish the first thing or even the second task and then I have a half dozen unfinished projects all over the house! Love you, friend!

  2. Hmm, that sounds like me at about 10 o' clock at night when I should be going to sleep. I usually finfish at least 3 projects a week that way. Now, if only I could get that energy at 6am...

  3. That is the story of my life. :)

  4. love it lady! you were always great at writing! :)it was clever and cute! i feel my life runs around in circles like that some days! like right now!!!!

  5. That's ME! Hey I got tickets to go see the Gila Valley Temple on the 14th-can we meet up with you guys on that day?

  6. You are so talented...and true!! I love it!