Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Fun Time in Albuquerque

Adam and the Girls took a trip to Albuquerque a while back, to return a Piano to Adam's sister Stacy.  Stacy Was given a beautiful piano when she was a young teenager. When she went away to college and got married she knew she would be moving around quite a bit and didn't want to have to move her piano around with her. It stayed at her parents house for a while, but then they moved to a smaller home and didn't have much room for it.
We had room for it and volunteered to "babysit" Stacy's piano until her husband finished school and they got settled somewhere.
We enjoyed having that beautiful piano in our home, but when Stacy got settled into her home in Albuquerque, we knew she was probably missing her Piano, so Adam and the girls took a quick trip one weekend to deliver it to her. Caleb had a basketball game so he and I had to miss out on the fun.
On the way to Stacy's house they stopped at El Malpais National park and had a picnic. There are some neat rock formations there, and they had a great time hiking around.

When they got to Albuquerque, Stacy was so happy to have her piano again.  She played some of our girls favorite John Shmidt tunes for them. I'm sure the piano never sounded that good at our house!
On Saturday, they went to the children's science museum. It sound's like they all had a great time together.



Sarah, Evelynn, and Eliza

We look foreword to going back with the whole family. Thanks for a fun day Dodds Family!!!

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