Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quick Trip

Adam's Uncle Odell passed away two weeks ago, and his funeral was held on Friday the 19th. We wanted to go, so we got all packed and ready to leave first thing Friday morning. we needed to leave early because the funeral was at 10:00 in Queen creek. Unfortunately, We got off to a late start because there was a problem getting Adam's delivery route ready for the sub. We didn't get to the funeral until 10:20 and the entire funeral was only 40 min long. Sigh, At least We got there, and I'm sure Uncle Odell understood.
We went to the lake with Heather and Richard's Families. It was so fun! the kids all rode the knee board and the tube, and Adam went wake boarding. I love being out on the lake.
That evening, We thought it would be a good idea to go out on a double date with Heather and Galen and leave the inmates to run the asylum. After a fun relaxing dinner at Costa Vita,  we came home to find Eliza on the living room floor holding her shoulder with her cousins all gathered around her. Next to them were two half inflated air mattresses.  Ever heard of "The Blob"? If you have, then you can guess what they were doing, if not just picture the kids using air mats to catapult each other into the air. Long story short, a visit to urgent care and some X-Rays confirmed our suspicions of a broken collar bone. So, now Eliza's in a sling for a while, but she's on the mend.  Kids will be kids and at least they were playing and not fighting right?

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