Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 Wrap-up

2014 was an eventful year filled with ups and downs!
We did lots of traveling, with trips to Disneyland, the sand dunes and Six Flags Magic Mountain! 
We got a new car and sold our old one.
We said goodbye to Tina as she went home to Norway, and a couple months later had a very sad goodbye when our sweet dog Rosie was tragically killed by coyotes.
We welcomed spunky little Daisy to our family and love her more and more every day.
We had many fun camp-outs and enjoyed a Gurr family reunion. 
I started teaching preschool in my home and I love it! The trio started the fifth grade and enjoy school and learning.
 Adam was released from his calling as Elders quorum president and was called to be the ward clerk. I was called to be the primary president and even with the challenges it brings, I love my calling!
We were able to attend TWO temple open houses this year, and we started construction on a home which we plan on selling very soon! 
All in all, 2014 was a wonderful year and we feel very blessed and happy with the direction our lives are going in. 
We look foreword to 2015 and the blessings and struggles that will help us grow! 

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