Sunday, January 25, 2015

Caleb's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad tooth!

On Sunday November 16th, while we were at stake conference Adam and I noticed that Caleb's jaw was swollen. He said it hurt, but not too bad... So when we got home I just gave him some ibuprofen and made a mental note to call the dentist in the morning. On Monday morning it was a little more swollen and he said it was hurting a bit more, so I called the dentist's office first thing. His assistant said that the swelling is likely caused by an abscessed tooth and that the infection needs to go down a bit before the dentist will pull it. Otherwise, he may not be able to numb the tooth before it gets pulled.  We were given a prescription for an antibiotic and got Caleb started on it right away.  By Monday evening (after being on the antibiotics all day,) the swelling was so much worse! I sent the dentist this picture:
He advised me to take Caleb to the ER for an antibiotic I.V. 
Before we left, Caleb received a priesthood blessing form his dad and brother Webber. We went to the hospital and they said we brought him in just in time. If the swelling and infection had gotten much worse, it could have obstructed his airway, or caused blood poisoning. They gave Caleb  some antibiotics along with a bunch of pain killers and such and after being there most of the night, they sent us home with a prescription for some very potent antibiotics and pain killers. 
On Tuesday, the infection was a little better, but not enough to pull the tooth. I was getting discouraged because the antibiotics didn't seem to be working. I was praying, and asked my Heavenly Father why, after receiving a blessing and getting proper medical attention, Caleb's infection wasn't getting much better. The scripture came to my mind that says "This thing goeth not out, but by prayer AND fasting".  I'm ashamed to admit it, but I sort of dismissed the thought, thinking "he needs medical attention, how would me, fasting help?"  I kept giving him his medicine and praying for the swelling to subside. By Wednesday morning the swelling had gotten worse again. I called the number the hospital gave me to call if he wasn't getting better and they referred me to an ENT specialist. By now, I knew what I had to do. I started fasting.
On Wednesday afternoon, the ENT told us that weather or not the swelling subsided, the tooth needed to be pulled ASAP. So, I called the dentist and he made arrangements to get Caleb in early the next morning. Right away I texted as many family members and close friends as I could and asked them to pray that the swelling would go down enough for the tooth and surrounding area to get numbed, and I continued to fast. Caleb went to bed that night very anxious, he knew what needed to be done and was trying to be brave.
When woke up on Thursday morning, we could see that our prayers were being answered. The swelling had gone down considerably. The dentist was able to numb Caleb's mouth and he pulled the tooth without causing Caleb too much discomfort.  
By Thursday afternoon Caleb was feeling 100% better and by Friday, he was back at school. 
We are so grateful for everyone who prayed for Caleb. I am grateful I headed the prompting to fast and I am grateful that Heavenly Father answered our prayers.

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