Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Trio Turns Eleven!

On December 12th we celebrated the trio's 11th birthday! We drove all the way to Show Low so the kids could go swimming in the indoor heated pool for their birthday. Unfortunately, it was closed, so we rushed over to the theater to see if we could catch a movie. Penguins of Madagascar had already been playing for 10 mins when we bought our tickets but it was the only movie we could catch that fit our time frame. We went in the theater and we were the only ones there. Then, the movie stopped and they re-started it from the beginning just for us! Later that evening,  the Daly family joined us for a little party with Pizza and cake. Caleb got a remote control helicopter and the girls got some new bedding for their "Room Makeover" which we planned to work on during Christmas Break. The kids said it was their best birthday ever....then again, they say that every year.  I love my Trio! Can't believe they are 11!

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