Sunday, September 11, 2016

Road Trippin' Day 4

We Awoke on Wednesday morning feeling very anxious and excited. We couldn't belive we'd driven so far in just a few days. We were only about an hour away from our next destination, Kings Island in Mason Ohio. It was home of The Banshee! The world's largest inverted Rollercoaster.  When Caleb was in the second grade, he purchased a book about roller coasters and the Banshee was one of the coasters featured in it. Ever since then, Caleb has dreamed of riding it.  And that day, Wednesday July 6th his dream would come true.
When we arrived at Kings island, we were happy to find that the crowds weren't too bad. It was probably because it was overcast and raining off and on but the weather didn't bother us one bit.  We were able to ride every ride that we wanted too and found out that the Banshee wasn't the only great ride at the park. The Banshee was very fun, and There were tons of super fun rides. Caleb and Sarah were brave enough to try a ride called Slingshot! They were hoisted up into the air over 100 feet, on cables. Then, with the pull of a cord, they were dropped and swung out and back several times before finally coming back down. THEY LOVED IT! One of my favorite rides was the river rapid ride.  And everyone's favorite ride was a roller coaster called The Diamond Back. It was very fast, very high and very smooth (and it didn't make dad and I nauseous like many of the other rides did.)  We were having so much fun together that we forgot to stop and take pictures. We did manage to take a couple of pictures of Sarah and Caleb on the sling shot.
That night we stayed at a hotel that was just a mile up the road from Kings island. We planned out what rides we wanted to ride again in the morning and fell asleep to the weird sensation of still being on a roller coaster.

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