Friday, September 16, 2016

Road trippin' Day 6

On Friday July 8th, we temporaily parted ways with the Hulses and Grandma and grandpa. They wanted to spend a bit of time in Kirtland and we were headed north-east towards Niagara Falls!
It was only about an hour drive from our hotel to the Niagara Falls State park. Our first little excursion was a trip down to the Cave of Winds. Before getting in line we had to put on the goofy sandals and ponchos, so we knew for certain we were going to get wet! And boy, did we ever! After a brief elevator ride down to the base of the falls, we followed a wooden catwalk around to where the wind hits the falls just so and we got sprayed with mist. It was really windy, but we're still trying to figure out where the cave was!  It was really neat though to get soaked by the Niagara falls!
When we completed our Cave of Winds tour we figured we'd go strait to the Maid of the Mist boat ride since we were already soaked and we knew we'd just be getting even more Wet!  On the ride, we got a great view of the falls and as expected, got soaked. (Again)
Afterwards we were up on a look-out point admiring the view when a nice couple from India asked us if our children wouldn't mind having heir picture taken while holding a box of Indian Cookies with the falls in the background. We thought it a weird request, but we obliged. We got to talking with them and they were a very sweet and fun couple. They were just having fun getting pictures of well known Indian snacks in front of iconic landmarks around the world. We asked about the cookies, and they opened the box and let us try some. They were more like biscuits and tasted a little weird to us, but they weren't bad, and it was fun to try something new.
Later that day we watched an imax movie about different legends involving the falls and walked to a nearby aquarium and discovery center.
It was a very fun and tiring day for us. The kids had enough energy left to do a bit of swiming at the hotel while I got some laundry done. Then we all settled in our beds and went to sleep.

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