Monday, September 12, 2016

Road trippin' day 5

Thursday July 7th was a bright sunny day in Mason Ohio. Unfortunately, we knew this meant that the lines at Kings island would be a bit longer. We showed up right when the park opened and went straight to our favorite rides. We rode all we could, including two rides on the Diamond Back then left the park at around 2 o'clock. Again, I forgot to take pictures, but I did get a shot of the Banshee before we left the park.

We drove north to Cleveland . There was a special surprise waiting at the hotel there for the kids. You see, several months before our trip I was talking to my sister Lydia. Her family had been planning a road trip as well. Only, their trip was along the east coast. Their plan was to Fly to Cleveland, rent a car, drive down the east coast and then fly home from South Carolina. Since our trip would be taking us right by Cleveland, we thought we would surprise our kids by meeting up at a hotel there. As an added bonus, my parents were going on the trip with the Hulses so we would get to see Grandma and grandpa Quist too !
Lydia sent me a text when they arrived at the hotel. We were only about an hour behind them. When we pulled up, the Hotel looked a little run-down and the kids were asking me why we were staying there. I told them, "I think you are really going to love the pool"! They kept asking me "what was so special about the pool?" As soon as we got into our room, I told them to put on their swim suits. They did, and we headed down to the swimming pool.  When we got out there, it took them a few seconds to recognize that their cousins and grandma and grandpa were there, when they did, they were so surprised and excited! It was a fun little reunion for us! They spent an hour or so swimming, then we all had family scripture study and prayer together before going to bed.  We made plans to catch up with the Hulses and Grandma and Gradpa Quist again in Palmyra. 

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