Saturday, October 1, 2016

Road Trippin' Day 11

On Wednesday July 13th we drove thru Indiana and most of Illinois. We were on our way to Carthage Illinois. My aunt Pam and uncle David Johnson are Missionaries there, and at the time, were the grounds keepers at the historic Carthage jail. (They have since been transferred to Nauvoo and are the head grounds keepers over all of the historical sites there.) They lived in a little home there on the property and were kind enough to let us stay with them.
On the drive, We stopped at the Indianapolis Indiana temple. It was one of the most beautiful temples we saw on our Trip! It was breathtaking! In fact, we were so impressed with it, we wanted to hurry and change into our Sunday clothes and take the kids in to do some baptisms. Unfortunately, the temple was closed and wouldn't be opening for another couple of hours. We were sad that we didn't have time to wait around for it to open and continued our drive west. 

Later that afternoon, just after we crossed the boarder into Illinois, We drove thru one of the craziest rain storms. It was scary because we could only see about 20 feet ahead of us and we were in it for over 30 miles there were also tornado warnings for the area being broadcasted on the radio. 
We finally made it safely to Pam and David's home at around eight that night, and felt so happy and grateful to be with them.  They had extra bedding and towels ready for us. We were able to get the some beds made for the kids in their large basement, and Adam and I were able to sleep in their very comfortable spare room.

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  1. I do not miss those crazy tornado storms... Scare me!