Sunday, October 30, 2016

Road Trippin' Day 17

Our first stop on Tuesday July 19th was visit the Kansas City Temple in Missouri. It was another beautiful testament to how much things have changed for members of our faith in the state of Missouri.

Following our brief stop at the temple, we drove north-west to Council Bluffs Iowa and visited a replica of the Kanesville Tabernacle. The Kanesville Tabernacle was originally built by by 200 pioneers in just two and a half weeks. It was where Brigham young was sustained as the second prophet of the church. 

We then crossed the river to historic Winter Quarters visitors center in Nebraska. Winter Quarters was a temporary settlement where the early pioneers rested for a bit before continuing their trek west. We were also able to stop and see the Winter Quaters temple.

We made it to Winner South Dakota by nightfall and settled in for the night.

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