Sunday, October 30, 2016

Road Trippin' Day 15

Sunday, July 17 was a wonderful Day.  We attended sacrament meeting with the Johnsons. Afterwards we all went to the Nauvoo Grove. The grove is one of the places where the Prophet Joseph preached to the members in Nauvoo. 

Next we all walked the “Trail of Hope” to the banks of the Mississippi River.  The Trail of Hope is marked all along the path with uplifting and solemn quotes from the pioneers who lived in and left Beautiful Nauvoo.

Next we visited two historic sites, the Riser Boot Shop and Sarah Granger Kimball’s home. Then we went by the headquarters of Facilities Maintenance and were given a tour of the greenhouses. Even though most of the greenhouses are nearly empty for the summer, we still found a lot of colorful and interesting potted plants to see.

Our final stop of the day was at the Nauvoo Visitor’s Center to watch the performance of the Young Performing Missionaries in “Be Still.” The performance was only 15 minutes long and was very reverent  and spiritual. 

After the show, we followed Elder and Sister Johnson back to their home in Carthage where we would spend our last night in Illinois. We were fed a delicious meal and Before going to bed. We had fun visiting and playing "Go to Heck" with Elder and Sister Johnson
Words can't express how grateful we are for Aunt Pam and Uncle David. Having them there in Carthage and Nauvoo made our stay even more amazing than it otherwise would have been. They are wonderful missionaries and are taking such great care of the grounds in Carthage and Nauvoo. And they took great care of us too!

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