Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning

We all had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas at home. We're a little sad that it's over. We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas too!
Being the president of his own bike riding club, Caleb really needed a bike upgrade. He was so thrilled to get a bike with " shocks and gears"! Sarah asked Santa for a surprise. I guess he knows how much she loves Cinderella. Her dress was made out of a $2.00 formal found at a thrift store. She absolutely loved it. Eliza specifically told Santa that she did not want Pretty presents, she only wanted cool stuff. Wish granted! She also got Bakugans, which she's been wanting for a while now.


  1. I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas!!! By the way, I probably will hang on to blogging for a while. You do have a point about the whole journaling thing.

  2. Looks like Santa did well! Your kids look so happy. And no, two sisters could not be any more different! :) Thats cool though, they won't compete with eachother!