Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday !

The Trio turned six yesterday, and we celebrated with a party! This was the first birthday party that the kids have ever had. (Besides family parties of course) I haven't thrown a party for them in the past because I feel that lately birthday party's have gotten so extreme, and over the top with themes, mega cakes and "goody bags". I think they are indulgent, and contests to see who can spoil their kids the most. I don't like the idea of a kid getting so many presents that they don't appreciate and take care of any of them. So for those reasons combined with with the fact that my kids Birthday falls in the middle of December,(the busiest month of the year...) we've always taken the money we would have spent on a party to get each of the kids one or two nice gifts and then do something really fun together as a family. (I'm pretty sure that little b-day tirade of mine probably cost my kids a few party invitations ...sorry guys. Please don't hold my kids responsible for their mother's issues. :) )
What I didn't count on , in my quest to shelter my kids from the evils' of birthday parties was that once they started school and made friends, that they would be invited to these spoil fests. ( I knew I should have home schooled !)
After attending a few of these parties, they've started to question the way we have always handled birthdays at our house. The questions are laced with underlying tones regarding their mother's lack of love and concern for her children. Don't they deserve a birthday party, is there something terribly wrong with them that makes them so undeserving of celebrating their birthday party with their closest 50 friends.
I wasn't surprised that when I asked the kids what they would like to do for their birthday they all said that they wanted a party. So what's a mom to do?
I laid down some ground rules for the party. First of all, there would not be a theme. That's right, no Hannah Montana, Spider Man, H.S. Musical or Clifford.
Second, they could each only invite two friends. I know I'm so cruel, but two multiplied by three is six. Add that to the three of them and you get nine kids. That is plenty of kids to make an official party.
Third rule..the party would be held here in our own home, not the local pizza place, bowling alley, or town social hall. They would also be responsible for coming up with their own entertainment and activities. I would not be hiring a clown, a band, a magician, acrobats, nine ladys' dancing or ten lords a leaping.
And finally the last rule, The Ace of cakes would be me. A homemade cake for a homemade Birthday party.
Get it... Got it... Good.
The kids each chose the two friends they wanted to invite and it turns out everyone in their primary class got invited. That worked out nicely. They decided that their guests would each get to make their own individual pizza for lunch and while the pizzas' were baking they would play Jenga, and Duck Duck goose, and "just play". After lunch we'd have cake and ice cream, and last but not least they'd get to open presents.
I spent a grand total of ten dollars at the dollar store on plates, cups, Balloons, and yes... "goodie bags". I spent another fifteen dollars at Bashas for Rohdes rolls ( makes perfect individual pizza crusts) cheese, sauce, pepperoni, ice cream, and soda pop. I already had a cake mix and frosting so the entire party cost twenty five dollars. I have to admit it was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.
The party went just as planned. Everyone had a wonderful time and Eliza said that I'm "the best birthday mom ever !"So I guess Birthday Partys' aren't all that bad. The kids know not to expect one every year and I know that we can have a party once in a while and it won't corrupt my children.

plates and cups = $4.00
trinkets and balloons = $6.00
Food and drinks= $15.00
Giving your kids a birthday party they'll never forget = PRICELESS !


  1. I have the SAME feeling about birthday parties as you do. And my kids now think I'm an evil mom cause they get a close family b-day celebration. I think kids get more presents at their b-day parties than each of my kids gets in 3 Christmas's. But your B-day idea sounds great. And if I ever do that I will put a 1:30 hr time limit.

  2. I cannot believe they are 6! CRAZY!

  3. Ruth, I miss you so much! You crack me up! Reading this post was so much fun! 10 lords a leaping...ha ha ha! I have always loved the way you express always say it like it is. Your kids are so lucky to have a mother like you. I wish we lived closer, I'd love to be a fly on your wall...I miss all our laughter! You are AWESOME! :)Your "realness" is refreshing! I LOVE that about you! ps- your kids are 6??? Where has the time gone? They are adorable! Miss you friend!!!

  4. I totally agree with you on the birthday parties..or any parties for that matter! Too much work and toooo much money!