Sunday, September 9, 2012

100 Years of Love And Legacy

On Friday, August 4th we traveled to Pine, Arizona for a family reunion at camp Lo Mia. The reunion commemorated the hundred-year birthday of my grandma Erva and her twin sister Eva who were born on August 8, 1912. When my dad was just 13 years old, his mother (Erva) passed away. His dad made the decision to move with his 9 children to Mesa, AZ and married Erva's twin sister Eva who's husband passed away several years previous. Between the two of them, they had 12 children and in the years that have followed their posterity has grown to over 170 descendants! I've always loved having so many cousins, and was excited for my own children to get to know them and their children. The reunion was amazing! I wish I would have remembered to bring my camera! We played games, rode a zip line, shared memories and ate tons of yummy food. My kids formed friendships and made memories that will last forever! I learned so much about Erva and Eva and I am proud to call both of them "Grandma". I am grateful for their examples, for their lives and their legacy. I am grateful for families and for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ which makes it possible to be with our families thruout eternity.

My very talented cousin, Jerry Ferguson posted several reunion pictures on-line. These are some of my Favorites:
My dad and all his living siblings along with some of his cousins.
The Cub scouts did a great job with the flag raising.
Waiting in line for dinner while trying to stay out of the rain.
Eliza and Elliot, New BFF's

These are the pictures Adam took with his phone, just before the Talent show:

 I am thankful to everyone who worked so hard to make the reunion a success and can't wait for the next reunion!

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