Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let's Build a Tree House

At the end of last school year the trio sang a song in a school concert titled "Let's Build a Tree House"

"Let's build a treehouse way up high, a secret kind of hiding place where I can touch the sky. High among the leaves where it's cool and green, a special place where I can go just to sit and dream."

This song is ignited a spark in the kids. They just had to build a treehouse in the backyard this summer. We have one tree that's big enough for a tree house. It's an old cottonwood tree at the back of our property.  It only has one main trunk so we weren't sure if it would work, but then a friend in our ward who is a lineman, gave us some old  power poles.  Adam was able to pick up some lumber at a good price, and the kids and I drew up the plans.
We worked on it every chance we got. We all pitched in. Even Grandpa Gurr got in on the fun. It was a great summer project for our family.


The tree house didn't turn out exactly as planned...It's better than planned! The kids love it. It has two stories a swing and a slide. The kids like to go up there to read, pretend, and spy on the neighbors!


"Let's build a tree house in the back yard, if you help me out I know it won't be hard. We can make a ladder that we can pull inside, a secret place where I can go just to stay and hide!"

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