Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the Taylor Sweetcorn festival and memorial day with lots of family and friends. The fun started on Friday afternoon when the primary children came over to put together a float for the Taylor Sweetcorn festival parade. Everyone worked hard and played hard and the float turned out great!

On Saturday morning we took the trio, along with our nieces Macey and Jewellana to the Taylor airport where they got to enjoy a Free introductory flight in an airplane! The pilots told the kids a little bit about how the airplane worked then they took them up for a 15min flight over our community. I was a little nervous when my kids boarded the plane and I reminded the pilot that I was placing all my eggs in this one basket. SO DON'T CRACK THEM! Then I checked his blood pressure and gave him a sobriety test. (Just Kidding! But I wanted to!)


After the plane ride, we quickly drove over to the parade route where we set up our float and got the primary kids loaded on it. All the kids had a grand time waving at all the spectators on the parade route. Along the parade route we saw Grandma and Grandpa Quist who came up for the weekend! They hopped on the buggy and rode in the parade with us.

This was the float our primary kids put together! It turned out great.
"100 Y' EARS Of Statehood!"

We loved Taylor 8th ward's float. Awesome job guys!

Once the Parade was over, we went to the rodeo grounds where the kids enjoyed the chicken Chase, tug-of-war and races.

We walked around the craft fair for a little bit then went home and took naps and waited for the Hulses to arrive.
When they arrived that evening, we had a fun barbecue and the kids enjoyed playing with their cousins. After dinner, We went on a buggy ride and hoped to see some elk. We didn't see any, but we did see some antelope. Amazingly, we were able to get everybody ready for 9 AM church on Sunday.
 After church Ben and Susie along with their boys Braxton and Kent and my sister Angela arrived. We spent a fun afternoon and evening playing games and visiting. Monday morning brought a fun surprise when my sister Amanda and her and husband Nathan joined us! We had breakfast then, we all went on a buggy ride to knucklebutt canyon where we hiked, climbed big rocks and trees and had tons of fun.

 After the ride, we came home and had pizza for lunch and then it was time to say goodbye to the Hulse family. We played a few more games, and that evening we built a campfire in the backyard and made foil dinners and peach cobbler. My parents and Amanda and Nathan headed home after dinner but Ben and Susie were able to stay for another day of fun and games. I am so grateful that so many of my family members were able to come up and enjoy the weekend with us. We had a blast!

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