Sunday, September 30, 2012


On Tuesday morning Adam was driving on the I-40 to deliver a trailer load of supplies to Gallup for work. There wasn't much traffic and he was cruising along at a good pace. At around 7:00am he noticed a semi coming up behind him and it looked like the semi was going to switch lanes and pass him. Then, he felt it slam into the back right corner of the trailer and the trailer broke off from the truck. Then, the semi hit the back of the truck and spun the truck sideways and Adam was pushed sideways down the interstate for quite a ways. As Adam gripped the steering wheel he looked out the passenger side window at the grill of the semi.  He just knew the truck would flip and that the semi would roll right over him. Miraculously, his truck stayed upright until both vehicles finally came to a stop.
As Adam got out of the wreckage unharmed, and assessed the damage of the truck and trailer (both of which were totaled) he realized and knew without a doubt, that his life had been preserved by divine intervention.
As a family, we are so grateful to our Father in Heaven who daily answers our prayers as we ask for his protection. We are grateful that that we still have a husband and father who provides for our family and leads us in righteousness.
We have been truly blessed.


  1. Wow! I'm so glad Adam is okay! Thank you for your testimony and example of the power of prayer! Love you!

  2. WOW!!! We are so glad that he is ok, what a scary experience!

  3. How scary!! Glad that everything is ok! Wish I could have seen you guys at the reunion :(

  4. Glad to hear Adam was okay!!! What a scary thing to go through! Thanks for sharing this experience--I'm glad he was protected!