Monday, February 11, 2013

Blue and Gold Banquet

The annual Blue and Gold Cub scout Banquet was extra awesome this year because Caleb was recognized for all his achievements and for advancing from the Wolf pack to the Bear Pack. He worked hard and got all all his requirements done just in time. He even earned silver and gold arrow points and got tons of new belt loops!
Way to go Caleb!

Each of the boys were given the assignment to bring a homemade cake for a cake decorating contest.
The theme for this years Blue and Gold Banquet was "The Jungle Book". Caleb decided he wanted to make his cake into Kaa. the Snake. We came up with a plan and his cake turned out to be pretty awesome. 
He used cups to cut the centers out of two round cakes and then cut each Circle in half.

He used a cardboard template to cut one of the center circles into a  the shape of a snakes head.

He put all the pieces together and made the end  piece pointy.

After letting the first "crumb coat" of frosting chill for a bit, he frosted the whole thing green.

Caleb used fruit roll-ups to make the stripes, eyes and tongue.
He is very proud of his cake!

Caleb won the award for having the best shaped cake! Awesome!! 


  1. That is awesome! Great job!! You have a little baker on your hands :)

  2. That is the coolest snake! I wasn't sure how he was doing it when I first started looking at the pictures, but I am IMPRESSED!!!