Monday, February 11, 2013

New Neighbors

Adam's sister Heather, bought the little house next door!!!!
The little house next door to us foreclosed and has been vacant for quite some time. It was a little nerve racking every time someone would come over to look at it. We'd wonder, "Are they going to be our new neighbors?, Will we annoy them? Will they annoy us? Do they have kids? Are their kids Brats?
After quite a bit of negotiating, Heather and Gaelen managed to purchase it for at a great price, and will be fixing it up. Heather wants to eventually live up here once all her kids are grown, so they will be looking for renters, which leaves us continuing to wonder who our new neighbors will be, but it's nice to know that in the long run, our neighbors are some pretty awesome people!
Heather came up a couple of weekends ago to do a final walk-through and see what will need fixing up. she brought her boys along and Adam's parents and his brothers Richard and Tyler their families also came up that same weekend to do some snowmobiling.
Some of the kids went riding and some stayed home and just played with blocks and games.
I enjoyed staying home with My Sister-in-laws and getting to know my new niece Halli Jo.
I love weekends that are filled with family and fun!!

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  1. I love that you think "Are their kids brats?" :) I didn't want to say it outloud, but when our neighbors house was for sale every time someone came by I was thinking the same thing! How fun to have family close by!