Monday, February 11, 2013

Temple Blessings

We went down to valley this past weekend, to be with my sister Angela as she received her Temple endowments on Friday night, in preparation for her mission.
Angela is my youngest sister. I am so proud of her, and grateful that she has kept herself worthy to enter the House of the Lord.
It was a wonderful feeling to be in the temple with my husband, my parents, grandparents, and ALL six of my siblings.  I feel so grateful and blessed to a part of  my eternal family.

On Saturday, Adam took the kids out to Florence to spend the day with his brothers on an ALL DAY BUGGY RIDE! All-day rides aren't quite my thing, so I spent they day with my sister-in-laws doing some shopping and going out to lunch. It was such a fun day for me. A much needed "day off".  I love my Sister-in-laws and spending time with them!!
I am grateful and blessed to be part of Adam's eternal family too!

Here are a couple of pictures that Adam took with his phone while on the buggy ride:
Braunsen, Sarah, Gavin, Kayden, Eliza, Caleb


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