Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fast and Furious!

This past fall, Eliza and Sarah played soccer. Their team was named "Fast and Furious"! And boy, were my girls fast! I am always surprised at their athleticism, because...well, for those of you who know me know I'm SO NOT  athletic. Eliza was the fastest girl on her team! Sarah wasn't far behind her. Their team started the season with a few losses, but the ended the season with some wins!
I am so proud my girls. They are awesome!

Sarah's favorite position was goalie.

Sarah always gave 100% 

Check out Eliza, stealing the ball from the other team! She is so good at that!

I love this picture of Eliza! She got tripped, but was able to stop herself from falling completely. She  actually  ran a few yards on all fours before getting upright and still managed to beat the girl who tripped her to the ball!!!

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