Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Halloween

We had an awesome Halloween this year and enjoyed sharing some our traditions with Tina.

We had so much fun Teaching her how to carve a jack-o-lantern!

From Left to right: Tina's , Mom's, Sarah's, Eliza"s and Caleb's !

Every year the Kids beg us to take them to the "haunted Mansion" on Main street. This year they promised us they wouldn't get scared because "they watched the Hobbit and that's pg-13"!  Okay, but we warned them, once we pay the entrance fee there's no going back, they'd have to go all the way through the Haunted house!
Well it took about ten seconds for Sarah to start crying and for Eliza to get Screaming mad at everyone for scaring her and her sister! Haha! Caleb was the only one who actually enjoyed it and wants to go again.....   Fun times.  :/

The kids all came up with and made their own Costumes this year. (Well, I helped a little.) I think they turned out great!
We held our annual neighborhood Halloween pot-luck and Trick or treat hayride! We had a great turn out, with lots of yummy food and good friends! The kids all seemed to have fun and enjoyed the hayride.

Happy Halloween!!

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