Sunday, December 29, 2013


When we went to the valley for Grandpa's Funeral, I received an early Christmas gift from Adam. It was necessary to get it early because Adam's sister was keeping it at her home and was a little hard to keep hidden!

Her name is Rosie! She is a ten month old Shih tzu/yorkie mix. She had belonged to an old friend of ours who's husband had recently passed away. This sweet woman has two other dogs, and this little girl was just a bit to much for her to handle so she was looking for a new home for her.
Somehow, Adam's sister Heather (who is also friends with Rosie's owner) was able to convince Adam that we needed her for Christmas! I will love Heather forever, because Rosie is so perfect for our family! 
She doesn't shed, she never poos or pees in the house and she is so kind and gentle with little kids.  She loves to play fetch and wrestle around with our kids and she also loves to just sit and cuddle with anyone who needs it. 
Rosie let my  niece Grace  carry her around like this  for  well over ten minutes,  She patiently "hung in there" the entire time and never tried to wriggle free. She is such a kind  little dog.

Eliza sleeps with her every night.

Thank you Adam! Best Christmas gift EVER!!!

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