Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Gurr-8 Reunion August 13th-15

Adam and I were in charge of the Gurr family reunion this year. I was so happy that I was able to reserve the LoMia orchard camp for our event. 
We arrived at Lomia on Thursday evening. The Anderson's pulled up when we did and Stacy's family was there when we arrived. We settled into our cabins and made a campfire and roasted marshmallows and visited for a bit before going to bed.
On Friday morning, we played on the zip-line for a bit and picked tons of blackberries. Later that day we welcomed mom and dad, and  Travis, Richard, and Ty's families to camp. The kids had water fights, played games explored and had so much fun with their cousins. 
Heather planned and prepared (with help) all of the meals and everything was perfect. 
Stacy had some fun games planned for Friday night. The grown-ups played some fun rook games and did more visiting. 
On Saturday morning we all went over to the LoMia main camp to see a statue that one of the Gurr cousins had set up for his Eagle Scout project. All of the kids ran ahead on the path with the adults that were trying to keep up with them. Those of us adults that were taking our time on the trail noticed a HUGE rattle snake that was right by the path. We couldn't believe that none of the kids noticed it. It was kind of a scary thought.  Tyler killed the snake, but we decided to see if the kids would notice the snake if it were in the middle of the trail. So, on the walk back we placed the snake on the path, and sure enough, almost every child walked right past it, some almost stepped on it!! This lead to a great discussion about being aware of our surroundings and not being in such a hurry in life that we fail to recognize dangers in our path.
After lunch on Saturday the dads took the all the kids back to the Zip-line, while the moms got camp all cleaned up. 
When the camp was clean and the zip-lining was done, we all said our goodbyes and were on our way.
Our family was the last to leave, and on our way out, Adam and I took the kids to the cabin that we worked on with the young single adults when we were dating. We showed them where I scratched our initials into the wall before it set. That was such a fun memory to share with the kids.
On the drive home, we stopped and hiked down to box canyon. We wanted to go swimming but storm clouds were brewing and we did think it would be safe to stay in the canyon very long. So we just hiked back out and headed home. 
We had so much fun at the Gurr Family reunion and are grateful to everyone who came and helped out. 

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