Sunday, October 25, 2015

Awe Shucks! September 5th

We were playing games with the Solomon's when they Un-excitedly told us they were put in charge of the building a float for Taylor 3rd ward for the Sweet corn festival parade.
I suggested making a float that would pretty much guarantee that they wouldn't have to be put in charge of the float again.  I said the theme for the float could be "Eating too much Sweet Corn will give you the squirts!" I suggested having the kids ride on the float with squirt guns and squirt the crowds as the float went down the road.
They loved the idea and we helped them put the float together. 
They found tons of corn stalks, and we put them all along the edges of the trailer with space inside for the kids to hide in. We made banners for the sides that said "Just don't eat too much or it will give you the..."
We pulled that float down the road with our ranger and everyone got a kick out of the float. 
We ended winning the "Awe Shucks" award. So, it looks like the idea backfired. The Solomon's will likely be put in charge again. And we'll likely help them again. Because when all was done, it was actually a pretty fun project! 

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