Sunday, October 25, 2015

Celebrating 40 Years of Adventure!

The day after we got back to Arizona from Alaska was July 31st. As I mentioned in my previous post, we told my mom we were going home to Taylor, but we lied. You see July 31st is my parent's wedding anniversary and this year marked their 40th anniversary. For the past several months my siblings and I had all been planning and preparing to celebrate their anniversary with a surprise party!
Because camping trips were always a big part of our lives growing up, we decided a camping theme for the party would be appropriate.
My dad was actually in on the surprise. We had to make sure he wouldn't plan anything big for him and my mom that night. So, the party was a surprise for my mom. But, there were a couple of surprises for my dad as well. 
The main surprise for most of us, was that my youngest sister Angela was able to fly home to Arizona and join us at the party. 
Another surprise for my parents was when most of their grandkids sang "If we Hold on Together". It's always been a favorite song of my parents, and several years ago, Lydia and I wrote a special verse for our family. 

With love in our home, we're never alone.
We'll seek the light, and choose the right!
Close together, a family forever, Loving with all of our might.
With our Savior our Elder Brother, together we'll win the fight!

Many family members and friends of my parents came. It was a really fun party! 
My parents loved all of the surprises and we all had a wonderful night.
I loved how we all worked together to make the night a success.
Amanda and Ashley made and mailed wonderful invitations. Lydia and Suzi had amazing refreshments prepared for everyone including a cake In the shape and color of my parents first camping tent. Paul and Beth put together a neat video with family pictures. And they had great music playing during the party.  I provided the decorations and everyone helped me set up. And Angela showed up! 
I'm so thankful for my parents and their great example. I love my family!

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