Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cold Boys, Cool Girls

On the weekend of January 15th, Adam and Caleb went to the annual Boy Scout Klondike Campout. It's a snow campout that the boys in our ward go to every year. The only problem was that this year, there was no SNOW! It sounds like it was still pretty cold there, but they had a good time anyway. 
With the boys gone, the girls decided they wanted to have some friends over for a "Non- sleepover". Basically, it would be all the fun of a sleepover, without having the girls actually sleepover! They invited six friends over and watched "Once I was a Beehive", played a Mafia, and had a little dance party! The girls all got along great and had a fun time together!
I'm grateful that the Trio have great friends.

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