Monday, January 23, 2017

Daniel Hulses Priesthood ordination.

On Friday the 20th, We went to Prescott because Daniel was being ordinained to the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday after church. On Saturday we all went to the mall. (Except for Michael and Daniel who were at a Boy Scout outing) We left Adam and Caleb to watch Eric at the indoor playground, while we girls went with Megan while she got her ears pierced.
When we came back from the little shop where megan got her ears pierced, Caleb and Eric were still at the playground, but Adam was no where in sight! After a little bit of looking around, we found him getting his feet rubbed in a little massage SHOP! He looked so sheepish when we finally found him! It was so funny!
On Saturday night all the cousins (except Eric) went to a fireside together.
Daniel's ordination on Sunday was really Great! We enjoyed the weekend with family!

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