Sunday, January 22, 2017

First snowmobile ride of the SEASON!

Monday January 16th was Martin Luther King Jr day, so the kids didn't have school.
We decided to spend the day together so we all went with Adam on the route then pulled off the road by Green's Peak, unloaded the Snowmobiles and went for a ride! We hadn't gone very far when we came upon a family who's truck was completely stuck in the Snow. It took about an hour of digging and and pulling with the Snowmobiles to get them out, but we did it. It felt great to give them a hand!
Once we got on our way again, we had a wonderful time riding. The snow and weather were perfect. We rode for a bit to a hill where we stopped and did a little sledding and snowboarding. I don't always enjoy snowmobiling, but that ride was just so fun!

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