Tuesday, January 3, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! December 12th

On the 12th we celebrated the Trio's 13th birthday. Their birthday was on a Monday so I was able to deliver a pizza to each of them to share with their friends during lunch at school.  When they came home from school, they found that the Carpenters had "Heart Attacked" their bedroom doors! They loved it! It was our Family's turn to help clean the church that evening so we went and cleaned. I was so proud of how cheerful the kids were, considering they were cleaning the church on their birthday! After cleaning we went out to eat at Trappers in Taylor, then went to Dairy Queen for dessert. We got home and they opened their presents which included new rip-sticks, pj's, a new game and a few other fun things.
Having three teenagers in our home is so fun! We love Eliza, Sarah And Caleb so much and are so proud of them! They really are the greatest children a parent could hope for!

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