Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fantsy and Fairytales

Last week a Royal Decree went out inviting all the princesses in the land to attend the performance of "Fantasy and Fairy tales" presented by the BYU ballet.
The girls and I were so excited to get all dressed up and have a fun Girls Night Out!
We were able to attend the "Royal party" before the show. While there, we were served cookies and punch and we  got to meet the princes and princesses who would be dancing for us.

The Ballet was so beautiful. I loved watching my daughters eyes light up while the ballerinas danced across the stage.
During intermission all the little princesses in the audience were invited to come and dance on the stage with the cast. That was my favorite dance of the night. I tried to get some good pictures of the girls but they were spinning around to quickly.  They LOVED being on that stage and dancing to the music.

The entire night was so magical.  Thank you Princess Sarah and Princess Eliza for going with me. There is no one else on earth I would have rather gone with!  

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  1. Did you go to Mesa Performing Arts theatre last thursday? I was there!!! If I was there and you were there and I missed you I'm going to be so sad!