Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Date March 23rd, 2001

Ten years ago today....Adam and I went out on our first date with each other.
A couple months prior, Adam was at my grandparents house for a meeting  and he saw a picture of me on my grandparents wall. He was the stake Y.S.A. representative and my grandparents were the stake advisers.  He asked my grandpa for my phone number.
(No, it wasn't love at first photo sight.... We actually went to grade school together and then High School as well. So, we'd  known each other for many years but, just as acquaintances. It never occurred to either of us that we'd  end up together someday. )
Adam had been home  from his mission for a couple of years when he got my number from my Grandpa. Adam has never explained to me  why he felt prompted to get my number he just said that it was a pretty picture, and  wanted to ask me out.
Meanwhile, I had just about decided that I was done with dating.  After countless blind dates, and singles activities I was starting to wonder if "Mr. Right" was even out there for me.
I was earnestly praying one night, asking Heavenly Father to help me find "him" when the name Adam Gurr popped into my head. At first I was stunned, I'd known Adam since the second grade and never gave him a second thought. Could it be possible that the one I was looking for had been right under my nose all along?!
The more I thought about him, the more it made sense, and a peaceful feeling came over me.
When My Grandpa told me later that Adam Gurr had asked for my number, I was thrilled and waited for his call.
I waited, and waited and waited...Until one day my grandpa told me that Adam had been trying to call me but I was never home to answer his call. So, the next day I arranged to have all calls to my home phone forwarded to my cell phone.
That did the trick and within a few days,  Adam had called and asked me to go out with him that weekend.
We went to a regional YSA Movie night at the Tri. Stake Center in Mesa. They were showing the movie "Remember the Titans" after the movie he took me out for Frozen custard and then he took me home. It was a great movie, and the custard was yummy but....well lets just say, sparks didn't fly.
 I think we were both a little nervous, and what do you talk about with some one who you've known for 16 years but never in all that time made an effort to get to know.
Even though the date wasn't the best, I still felt like Adam was someone who I wanted to get to know better. I really hoped that he felt the same way, but I figured it would be a few weeks before he'd ask me out again, IF he asked me out again.

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