Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Journal

For most of My life I have been a real slacker when it comes to writing in my journal. This blog has given me the opportunity to redeem myself.
At the end of each year, I have all my blog entries for the year published into a hard bound book.
This is why sometimes (o.k. most of the time) my posts aren't very interesting to anyone outside our immediate family.
I continue to write because I know that years from now,  my children will read the blog books and be grateful for this family history.
I wish that I would have thought about keeping a better journal for my {future}children ten years ago. That's when Adam and I had started dating. I know that at some point, our children will want to read about our first date, how our relationship grew, and about the day we got engaged.
Unfortunately, All I have is one piece of paper with a bunch of dates written on it with a one line description of what happened between Adam and I beside each date.
So, I've decided that during the next few months I'm going to start having blog entries that all begin with the same line:  Ten years ago today...
I hope that you will all bear with me, and understand that this is for posterity as well as for all you nosey people out there (like me) who like to hear great romantic love stories or..... perfectly ordinary love stories (like mine).

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