Sunday, March 27, 2011


On our first day of Spring break it seems as though Spring broke.
I decided to take the kids down to the valley for a few days this past week to enjoy the warm spring air in the valley of the sun.
We headed down on Monday and just after we got past Heber, it started to snow. Hard. Not exactly what you expect to see on the first day of spring break.
Visibility on the road was getting really bad and to make matters worse Sarah tells me that her tummy hurts.
"Umm... like you need to throw up? I ask.
"No. Like I need to go poo." she says.
Well, I know there's a rest stop farther on up the rim so I tell her to hang in there, we'll stop as soon as we can.
Meanwhile the snow storm is getting worse and it's getting harder and harder to see so, I had to slow way down. It seemed the worse the storm got the worse Sarah's tummy hurt.
Suddenly, when I couldn't see more than 20 feet ahead or behind me, Sarah starts screaming! I CAN"T HANDLE THE PRESSURE IT HURTS SO BAD!! MY TUMMY IS GETTING TOO TIGHT!
While they're screaming and crying, and my white knuckled hands are gripping the steering wheel, I try to tell them that I can't pull over because if I do someone might hit us from behind because they won't see us 'till it's too late.
Then, of course, Caleb starts yelling "MOM, SHE'S GONNA POOP HERSELF AND SHE'S SITTING RIGHT BY ME!!!!!!
"EVERYBODY JUST PRAY!!" I yell. They were quiet for about 30 seconds, then we get to the place where the rest area is and the gate to get into the parking lot is locked! Oh, NO!!!
So, they all start screaming and crying again...
Sarah: because her tummy hurts.
Eliza: because she can't stand that her sister is in pain.
And Caleb : because he's afraid of getting pooped on.
All I can tell them is that I'll pull over at the very next safe spot, or the next unsafe cliff (o.k. I didn't really say that last part, but I was thinking it!)
Finally, I see a little dirt road just off to the side of the highway. I  pull onto it and and it curves around into a little parking area for a trail head. And there, right in front of us was a little outhouse (built by one of the three Nephites, I am sure.) Sarah jumps out of the car, runs into the bathroom and emerges 5 min. later with the biggest smile on her face.
Thankfully, the rest of our drive down was fairly uneventful.
We arrived at Grandma and Grandpa Quists house that afternoon and the kids spent the rest of the day playing with grandma's toys, watching movies and playing with Grandma's bubble guns.

Later that evening, most of my siblings were able to come over for a combined F.H.E. at my parents house. It was great to get to visit with everyone.

On Tuesday, we met up with some of the Gurr cousins for a ride on the Metro Light Rail and a trip to the Phoenix science center.  The light rail was a bit crowded, but the kids thought it was pretty cool to get to ride a train.

Braunsen, Caleb, Aunt Heather and Uncle Tyler, Eliza, Parker and Greaden
 We had to walk a few blocks to the science center but we saw some neat sculptures of insects along the way.

The science center was really cool and super fun. The kids enjoyed all the interactive exhibits, and learned more about geology, weather, magnetics, gravity, electricity and more.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day Caleb started feeling like Sarah did the day before. NOT a fun ride back on the light rail for Caleb. : (
Later that evening, I was able to get together with a few of my best High School friends. We had so much fun visiting and laughing together while eating some great food at Claim Jumpers. YUM! Thanks ladies.
On Wednesday, we slept in, went out to lunch and headed back home to Dad. We sure missed him and were glad to be back home.
Thursday and Friday Adams Brother Tyler brought his boys Parker and Gavin up for a visit. 
All in all it was a fun Spring break, even if it did feel more like Winter.


  1. U always bring a smile to my face!!! I love your style of writing!!

  2. Oh My Gosh! That poop/screaming/snow story is SO FUNNY! I can just picture you telling it exactly like you wrote it! You crack me up Ruth! Glad to know nobody exploded in the car. Yikes! Missed you all at claim jumpers due to a sick little girl...I'll be there next time! Love ya!

  3. You really have a great talent Ruth! I love your stories. I couldn't imagine the tension in the car on the way down. I'm so glad I wasn't a fly on the wall at that time! :)