Sunday, January 3, 2016

Peace, Heavenly Peace. December 25th

We had a lovely, quiet Christmas at home again this year. On Christmas Eve we invited our friends the Schelins over for dinner. We used our nicest dishes and prepared a fancy feast with ham and potatoes and homemade rolls and salad. After dinner, we read about Christ's birth in the scriptures and sang some Christmas hymns while Caleb and sister Schelins took turns playing the piano. Later, we watched Christmas movies and the kids slept upstairs like they do every year.
The kids didn't wake up to very many toys on Christmas morning. They got some much needed winter gear, a few games and a note in their stocking which told them they were getting a trip to DISNEYLAND!!!! They loved it! Yay!! 
The day was spent having our traditional waffle breakfast and playing games and eating leftovers. We were hoping to go play In the snow up by the Ski resort, but it was too windy. So we stayed home and relaxed. I thought it was a perfect day.

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