Sunday, January 3, 2016

Grandma Helen Gurr

In the early hours of November 8th, our beloved grandma Helen Gurr peacefully passed from this mortal life.
On Saturday November 21st we were able to reunite with cousins and aunts and uncles from near and far at a funeral to honor, remember and celebrate her life and legacy. It was a beautiful service and we were all grateful to hear and reflect on stories from grandma's life. One thing that was mentioned quite a bit at the funeral, was Grandma's hands. Grandma had to endure painful, crippling arthritis for most of her life, yet it didn't stop her from loving and serving her family and Father in Heaven. Each member of Grandma's posterity has a quilt lovingly made with grandma's crippled hands. These quilts are treasures that remind us of love and sacrifice and enduring to the end. 
We will miss you Grandma, until we meet again. 

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