Sunday, January 3, 2016

"The cold never bothered me anyway"! December 26th

The day after Christmas, we packed our winter gear, loaded up the snowmobiles and snowboards and went up to the old ski runs by sunrise. As we pulled up, we noticed that my cousin Jacob and uncle David were just packing up to return to their home in Eagar. They invited us to come over for hot chocolate when we were done which we gratefully accepted! It was SO cold out that day. We only played in the snow for about an hour and we were quite finished (especially Daisy) Burrrrr!!
When we got to Eagar it was snowing hard! We enjoyed aunt Pams hot chocolate and the grown-ups played a round of one of our favorite card games, "Go to Heck". It may have been a cold day, but our hearts were warmed with the love and friendship of family! 

(This picture is from a snow trip that Adam and the kids went on with the Hunt family a few weeks before.)

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