Sunday, January 3, 2016

Chirstmas Spectacular! December 18th

The Trio participated in the annual Taylor intermediate "CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA"!! Actually it's not very extravagant. They basically just take the monthly awards assembly and tack on a few Christmas performances at the end. It was still pretty cool though. The sixth graders preformed two numbers. The first one was "Little Drummer Boy" which they danced to wearing white gloves with a black light on them . The effect was pretty neat. The second song was "Felitz Navidad". Before the performance I told Caleb that I'd give him $10.00 if he would move his hands in the air in a butterfly motion (like Napoleon Dynamite in the Happy Hands Club). HE TOTALLY DID IT!! Hahaha! It was awesome. Of course I paid up! I wasn't able to get any good pics. :(

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