Sunday, January 3, 2016

Science Fair, AKA Worst assignments ever! December 17th

I've heard of parents complaining about science fairs, and up until now I never knew why it was such a big deal. So, the kids do a little protect and present a report on it. So what? 
Well, now I know. For all of you who have had to help a child with a science project, imagine having to help 3 children with science projects simultaneously. Honestly, at one point I asked my kids if they wanted to just skip the whole thing and just get an F in science for they quarter. It was SUCH A PAIN!!!! But, they got them done. I'm pretty sure they all got at least a "c" but as we haven't recieved their report cards yet, we aren't sure. 
Sarah's project was to find out if dogs have a favorite color. Conclusion: They don't!
Eliza wanted to know if yeast rises better when spoken to with kind and loving words. Conclusion: it does.
Caleb wanted to find out if magnets loose their power or force over time. Short term results: they don't. 
There now, we're all a little smarter! 

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